Transparency reports

August 2020

You were really active in August and generated more impact than in the two months before. We think that's really great ... keep up the good work!

Contributions collected 458€ 90 ThankUs
Clean the ocean 110€ 65 kg plastic
Plant trees 165€ 194 trees
Protect wildlife 92€ 3.352 m² habitat
Contribution to administrative costs 91€

June & July 2020

This is our first transparency report after launch and we are happy to support all three good causes with the ThankUs you've sent.

Contributions collected 438€ 151 ThankUs
Clean the ocean 108€ 63 kg plastic
Plant trees 186€ 219 trees
Protect wildlife 57€ 2.060 m² habitat
Contribution to administrative costs 87€

Financial transparency

Full transparency in finances is very important to us. For this reason we publish our current transparency reports here every month. So you can always check how much was contributed to which projects.

We ask for your understanding that we have to deduct usual costs from the contributions (personnel, tech etc.). We also disclose these deductions in the transparency reports. We try to keep the deductions as low as possible. We guarantee that at least 80% of your contribution will be forwarded to the good cause. If you have any questions please contact us at