Frequently asked questions

How can I send my ThankU to another person. I am looking for a “send” button, but can’t find one!

You can send your ThankU at the end of the checkout, by forwarding a dedicated link to the recipient via the share-functionality of your smartphone. We have deliberately avoided a direct send functionality via the ThankU platform, as we would then need to collect the recipient’s personal contact data from you (e.g. email address or phone number), and we didn't want that for data protection reasons.

Why do I have to enter my own email address after picking the good cause and the amount of the donation?

ThankU is designed to work with a minimum need for personal data. For legal reasons, we need one reliable reference contact to you as a donor, and we need to know where to send the donation receipt to. That’s why we collect your email address. But that’s really it. Please note that if you decide to set up a ThankU link, you will be asked to enter further data (such as your name etc.).

How much do you deduct from my donation?

We try to keep the deductions as low as possible. But we have to face the realities of life, so the ThankU platform needs people to run it, pay some bills (e.g. servers, office) and we also spend some money on marketing to make ThankU known to more people which results in even more ThankUs and more donations. We guarantee that at least 80% of your donation will be forwarded to the good cause. If you want to know in detail how much money we to deduct, please check our page Donation Reports, where we explain the financials in detail.

Can I get a donation receipt for my ThankU donation?

Yes of course! ThankU is an officially registered non-profit organization. We can issue donation receipts according to German law („Zuwendungsbestätigung“).

How can I get a donation receipt?

After successful checkout you can request a donation receipt by clicking “I need a donation receipt”. We will then send you an email with further instructions.

When will I receive my donation receipt?

We strive to maximize the impact of your donation. That’s why we bundle our efforts to minimize our costs, and send all donation receipts of the concurrent calendar year at the beginning of the following calendar year. So if you donated in 2020, we will send your donation receipt via email in February 2021.

Why should I use ThankU? I can easily donate directly for good causes without ThankU …

Of course you can, and we encourage you to donate as much as possible! We do not consider ThankU to be a dedicated donations platform. ThankU is rather a simple tool that provides a very instant and meaningful way to show your gratitude to anybody who gives you a favor, or whom you just want to show your gratitude. We believe this works best if you donate for a good cause, instead of the common counter-offers like “let me buy you a beer” etc.

I noticed that some ThankU pages have a custom avatar image. How does that work?

We are planning an avatar image upload for the future. Until then you can utilize the service gravatar.com to get a custom avatar image. On Gravatar, you can register an account based on your email address and upload a digital avatar to be associated with your account. ThankU will then automatically request your Gravatar image the next time you or someone else visits your ThankU page.