About ThankU

ThankU wants to revolutionize the way we say thank you: Giving thanks and doing good at the same time!

Through our platform you can give thanks to others by sending them a ThankU. The clou: by supporting a good cause you give your ThankU a special impact. With just a few clicks you can surprise people with a personal ThankU message and e.g. planting a tree as a thank you.

True to the motto "Do good and talk about it" you can collect sent and received ThankUs and share them with the world through a personalized ThankU wallet.

Give it a try and make someone happy!

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Our vision: People use ThankU anywhere and anytime to give thanks in a meaningful way.

If you love our idea and would like to support us, we would appreciate a donation!

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thxto gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)
IBAN: DE12430609671073968500

thanku.social is a registered non-profit offering


The ThankU platform (www.thanku.social) is operated by thxto gUG with headquarters in Berlin. As a non-profit company officially approved by German tax authorities, we are allowed to issue donation receipts for ThankUs sent by our users.

The team behind ThankU

thxto gUG (thanku.social) was founded in June 2020 by Lukasz Belza, his brother-in-law Martin Belza and Dr. Carsten Emil Meyer as a non-profit enterprise and was realized without any outside capital. Currently the team works 100% on a voluntary basis — ThankU is our passion project and we want to contribute to a good cause with our work.

Lukasz Belza

Lukasz Belza

Founder / Managing Director

Lukasz had the idea for ThankU, because he himself was (and still is) repeatedly called by friends and colleagues with the question: Lukasz, I know you are a lawyer, and that is your job … but would it be ok if I could ask you 5 minutes privately a legal question? How nice it would be, Lukasz thought, if he could ask for money for these favors, but not for my own pocket, but to plant trees for example … and ThankU was born.

Lukasz is a start-up lawyer and lives in Berlin

Martin Belza

Martin Belza

Co-Founder / Tech

Martin first heard about ThankU when he was on the phone with his brother-in-law Lukasz. Since then he is on board and on fire. As an all-rounder, he single-handedly programmed and designed the ThankU platform. This product is finally something really useful, something you like to work on with full enthusiasm says Martin, who has been realizing internet projects since the late nineties.

Martin is an IT consultant and lives in Munich

Dr. Carsten Meyer

Dr. Carsten Meyer

Co-Founder / Finance

Lukasz told Carsten about ThankU and Carsten's reaction was clear: That's a great idea, I would love to help! As an experienced business consultant, Carsten's main focus at ThankU is transparency towards ThankU users.

Carsten is a business consultant and lives in Larnaca, Cyprus

Daniel Fischer

Daniel Fischer

Head of Marketing

Being an environmentally conscious entrepreneur, Daniel was looking to add more sustainability to his business – until he found ThankU! Since then, he uses ThankU to thank his clients and business partners for successful projects. Daniel complements our team as a marketing strategist and makes sure that ThankU reaches just the right people.

Daniel is a marketing consultant and lives in the Munich metro area

Kinga Belza

Kinga Belza

UX & Content Design

When Kinga’s brother Lukasz explained his idea of ThankU for the first time, she figured the platform already existed. She believes that great ideas deserve to be realized — so she happily joined the ThankU team. As a graduate psychologist with years of experience in UX design Kinga is an avid advocate for a user centric design approach.

Kinga is a UX consultant and lives in Munich

Thomas Reinsch

Thomas Reinsch

Search Engine Marketing

Thomas has been with us from the beginning and is a fan of ThankU. He supports ThankU with the placement of online advertisements. As a proven expert in his field, Thomas helps to make ThankU even better known and thus to do even more good.

Thomas is an online marketing consultant and lives in Berlin

Stefanie Mendoni

Stefanie Mendoni

Editorial Manager

When we asked Stefanie to read over some text pages for ThankU, she was immediately on fire for the project. Ever since she has contributed to ThankU as text creator and editor. She believes in supporting sustainable projects to help preserve earth for future generations.

Stefanie is an actress & author and lives in the Munich metro area