ThankU for Business

Saying ThankU increases sustainability and communication in your company

With ThankU you can thank customers, employees, and business partners in a simple and innovative way. At the same time, you can increase your company’s environmental sustainability since with every ThankU you support a carefully selected environmental project.

How to use ThankU successfully for your business

See all the interesting use-cases and more on the new ThankU for Business website.

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Acting sustainably as a company

ThankU makes it easy for you to do something good for the environment and share your impact publicly.

Showcase your brand with co-branding

Easily adapt your ThankU business wallet and your ThankUs to reflect your company branding.

“A brand that shows genuine gratitude and appreciation wins the trust of consumers. And business success depends on that trust.”

— 2016 MARU/VCR&C USA Survey on behalf of TD Bank

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You can find all the important information about ThankU, the environmental projects we support, and our transparency reports right here: